Tour Sound

Tour Sound

Legendary Touring Systems for the Ultimate Sonic Experience

Our iconic Live and Tour Sound brands deliver world-class audio systems for some of the most demanding and prestigious live touring applications, providing extreme reliability and fidelity night after night, no matter the venue.

Powerful and Efficient Control

Our compact, powerful and highly efficient power amplifiers provide you with the control and flexibility you need to drive, mix and adjust any combination of loudspeakers. Ensure consistent sound projection and quality from the front row all the way to the back of the stadium while using available output power smartly and efficiently.

Superb Performance

Performance, sound quality and ruggedness are paramount in a touring loudspeaker. Decades of experience and the use of only the best materials allow our loudspeakers and custom-engineered drivers to be rugged and deliver a level of quality that sets us apart from the competition.


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The Brands that Made these Solutions

  • Midas
  • Lab Gruppen
  • Turbosound
  • Klark Teknik

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